Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guide to fix a leak

When your spa springs a leak it is important to follow this instructions so that you can ensure you get rid of the leak for good and get your spa back in good condition. Remove the filter from the spa, then fill the spa with water, at this point do not put chemicals or chlorine into your spa. Set the spa filter cycle for 24 hours. Be sure to set the temperature of the spa 80 degrees. Make certain you open all of the spa jets so that water can flow easily through all of the jets during the filter cycle. The Venturi valves need to be placed in the on position. Remember to shake the bottle of Fix-a-Leak thoroughly, then pour ½ the bottle of Fix-a-leak into the filter well, close to the spa filter intake, making sure the pumps are running on high speed. The water will need to circulate for 24 hours. It is highly recommended that you tell people not to enter the spa or touch the water, letting them know you are treating the hot tub with dangerous chemicals. Once the 24 hour period is up, you will need to drain the hot tub water and rinse out the Fix-a-Leak residue thoroughly. The Fix-A-Leak residue will appear to be acrylic, make sure to scrub your hot tub well and get all of the residue out. Take the time to wipe down the whole spa to make sure any remaining Fix-A-Leak film on the shell of the spa is eliminated. At this point the spa will need to remain empty for 48 hours to ensure the Fix-a-Leak has enough time to harden and adhere to the hot tub's plumbing. Once the 48 hours is up refill the spa and reinstall the filter. Now you can mark the water level, and set the temperature to of the spa to 100 degrees. At this time you can reset your hot tub's filter cycle to 2 hours per day and allow the hot tub to filter for 48 hours. Proceeding the 48 hours you can check for leaks in the spa, attentively looking for leaks along the plumbing sides inside the front panel of the spa. You should then perform an equipment check. Carefully checking the pumps, lights, and blower, making sure the spa is in complete working order. If your spa is still leaking repeat this cycle. This method here is just a quick fix for pin hole leaks. Shop For Spa Jets, Pillows, Pumps And Other Parts Today!